Eyad Al Masri

Dr. Eyad Al Masri studied fine art in Jordan receiving a Bachelors degree in Art from Yarmouk University, in 1987, following on with a Masters degree in Archaeology from Yarmouk University in 1991. In 1997 he obtained a PhD in Art History from Baghdad University, Iraq .In 2001 he became a Lecturer at the Hashemite University, Queen Rania Institute of Tourism and Heritage, Department of Sustainable tourism. He became Assistant Professor in 2003 and then an associated Professor on 2013 until now teaching courses in the fields of art, archeology, civilizations and cultural resources management. His research interests and publications are in art history with concentrate on the Nabataean Sculpture.

Eyad is a very active artist (Painter). Inspired by his research into ancient civilizations, Al Masri’s paintings reflect the cultural forces that have shaped the region: Mesopotamian, Dilmun, Persian, African, Egyptian, and Nabataean. His works are abundant with ancient symbols and seals as well as early Arabic writings and cuneiform inscriptions—often juxtaposed with contemporary images. This visual interplay fuses the past and present and the viewer is drawn in, attempting to decipher and connect the hidden meanings in his work. Al Masri’s medium and technique further emphasize the spirit of the ancients as his works are not just painted, but carved and sculptural in appearance. In lieu of a canvas, he works on a specially prepared wooden panel and carves the images and designs, resulting in works that resemble ancient tablets or carvings in both texture and appearance. Rich, warm earth tones combined with fresh and confident brush strokes complete these unconventional and powerful works of art. Eyad made 19 personal Art shows (paintings) in Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon, UAE, Germany and Austria the last one was in 2013 at Foresight art Gallery/Amman and participate in many Collective Art shows in Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Lebanon and UAE. His art works spread all over the world in museums and privet collection.